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Even more dino-tastic attractions!

15 years of Triassic Park: augmented reality and water fun on the Steinplatte to mark the anniversary

Attention dinosaur seekers! This summer, you can bring prehistoric times to life yourself - and it's easy, without a lab, just with your cell phone! Cool puzzle fun, perfect for older children: equipped with a digital magnifying glass, puzzle experts can find three prehistoric dinosaurs hidden in Triassic Park. Using the latest augmented reality technology, you can bring the dinosaurs of 200 million years ago directly into the present with your own cell phone camera. Even experienced dinosaur experts have never seen this before and are amazed when the prehistoric inhabitants walk across the stone slab through the camera lens as they did a very, very long time ago. Whoever finds all the hidden prehistoric inhabitants and cracks the secret code word will also take home a medal with a dino engraving and become a certified dino expert.

New in 2023: the Triassic water games

After so many dino-tastic puzzles, every clever explorer needs a break. All the better that the "Triassic water games" have now been added to the Steinplatte's own mini primeval sea. A brand new playground with an exciting watercourse provides the necessary cooling on a primeval day out. And for dinosaur superfans, there's also something new to marvel at, as the 30-metre-long giant dinosaur tube slide has been joined by another dinosaur. The highest sandy beach in the Alps - the "Triassic Beach" - invites you to relax or dig. Fossil researchers should keep their eyes open when searching in the sand - many a treasure lies buried here. For dinosaur fans and those who want to become one, there is still plenty to discover.

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