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A climbers paradise ...

There are more then 100 sport climbing routes around the Steinplatte area.

The rocks on the Steinplatte do have a special quality because of the history of its origin and the only coral riff of europe. With a lenght of over 7 kilometers and a hight of 250 meters, you can find more then 100 rock climbing routes in this excellent area.

From a level of difficulty 5a up to 8c, from single pitch routes up to multipitch climbs, for beginners as well as pros, from spring to autumn.
Overall the area is easily one of the best climbing areas in the mid european area. From the Steinplatte Waidring to Wiesloch, Wemeteigen, Schwollwand, Sonnwand, Tanzboden and Urlkopf all the way to the Lärchfeldkopf, which is already in Salzburg, are the possibilities very various and truly excellent.

  • Perfect for climbing enthusiasts … NOTE: You climb exclusively at your own risk and are responsible for your own safety.
  • SCHUASTAGANGL (3 hours, 180 m altitude gain, difficulty C) A classic on Steinplatte, where you will be rewarded with beautiful panoramic views. You can get to the start of the via ferrata either by way of the Gamssteig or from the Grünwaldalm and Stallenalm. Access is via the marked path at the foot of the rock face. This route has some tight passages and some airier sections, but is medium difficulty level C, so it is suitable for beginners and families. The additional variant “Knieschladerer” is a little more airy and you can get back to the normal climb via a rope bridge. The route leads to the top of the Steinplatte.
  • WIESLOCHSTEIG (3 ½ hours, 530 m altitude gain, difficulty B) To get to the starting point you have to take the path past the Stallenalm and Grünwaldalm along the lower path to the intersection “Kopfkrax”. Here the trail branches off to the left and past beautiful viewpoints you have the possibility to choose between an easier and a more difficult trail, both of which lead to the top of Steinplatte.
  • GAMSSTEIG (2 hours, 100 m altitude gain, difficulty C) This trail leads directly from the Triassic Beach steeply downhill, and is mostly used as an approach path for the Schuastagangl climb. If you want to make a round trip, you can hike past the Stallenalm and Grünwaldalm along the rock face and come back around to Steinplatte. You can find more information about

The important facts in order to go clmibing well informed can be found in our book tipps further down.
Famous climbers left teir climbing tracks but mostly the local climbers where able to score some lines.

A great variety of alpine multiple-pitch routes (up to 8SL)

A great variety of alpine multiple-pitch routes (up to 8SL)

Adding the areas Wiesloch, Wemeteigen, Schwollwand, Sonnenwand, Tanzboden, Urlkopf and Lachfeldkopf the Steinplatte offers one of the highest standarts to climb in Austria.

Orientation: South west to South east
Length about 7 kilometer anf hights up to 250 meters.
Difficulty: from 4b up to 8c

If you are in need of material then your place is the Rock’n‘Roll Mountain Store in Kirchdorf.. And if you are looking for a mountain guide then we can recommend you the Kitzbüheler Bergführer. We can recomend the following two books:
Alpinkletterführer Steinplatte & Loferer Steinberge | Panico and Sportklettern in Nordtirol | Michael Meisl