Bus schedules

Here you can find the relevant bus schedules for our region

The current timetable (spring and fall timetable) on the lines 8301 (Fieberbrunn - St. Johann) and 8302 (PillerseeTal) is valid until further notice - in addition, on the holidays on the line 8302 (PillerseeTal) the "Regio Pillerseetal" runs according to the Sunday timetable (more information at www.vvt.at or the free app "smartride"). The ski bus between Fieberbrunn and Leogang runs 5 times a day between 08:00 and 15:00 and starts with the 24th of December.

Winter skibus schedule

Skibus Village (Waidring only)

Stops: Gasthof Strub, Brandtnerhof, Campingplatz, Unterwasser, Dorfmitte Waidring, Gondelbahn, Schredergasse, Stöcklweg to Mühltal and return

Arena Express (Richtung Erpfendorf, Kirchdorf und St. Johann)

Stops: St. Johann Bergbahn, St. Johann Bahnhof, Kirchdorf, Erpfendorf Ort, Lärchenhof, Waidring Gondelbahn
and retour

Skibus Pillerseetal (Richtung St. Ulrich, Fieberbunn und Hochfilzen)
Pillerseebus Line 8302
Route: Hochfilzen - Fieberbrunn - St. Ulrich - Waidring and return
Stops: Gondelbahn und alle Haltestellen zwischen Hochfilzen, Fieberbrunn, St. Jakob. St. Ulrich bis Waidring....

Skibus Lofer (Linie VVT 4012 - from Abzweigung Gondelbahn Waidring bis TVB Lofer)

Drives to the Tourismusverband Lofer, ab der Haltestelle Abzweigung Gondelbahn
Stops: Lofer Tourimsusverband, Lofer Lintner, Lofer Hochtal, Waidring Strub, Brandtnerhof, Kramatbauer, Campingplatz, Unterwasser, Gemeindeamt, and Abzweigung Gondelbahn.

(This bus is free for skiers and snowboarders with winter sports equipment. oa. Stops!)

Summer bus scedule

Postbus Linie 4012
Route: Kitzbühel - St. Johann i. T. - Waidring - Lofer and return
Stops: Dorfstrasse Abzweigung Gondelbahn

Route: Hochfilzen - Fieberbrunn - St. Ulrich - Waidring