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News skiarea Steinplatte – Winklmoosalm

We too are investing in the future despite the crisis.

We would like to continue to offer our employees a permanent job in the company and support the local economy. It is also very important to us to keep our ski resort always on the highest quality standards. The restrictions imposed by COVID 19 since mid-March did not make our decision easy at first, but we decided to replace our "old" 6-person chapel lift.

Highest comfort, short waiting times and more safety for children!

The new Kapellenbahn is an ultra-modern 8-seater chair lift from Doppelmayr (D-Line) with seat heating, automatic safety bars, weather protection hoods and a lift platform conveyor belt (for safe access for children) at the bottom station. An underground chairlift station was built at the top station to garage the operating equipment.

Construction diary

and thats how it was build...