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200 million years of fun.

BIKING . HIKING . CLIMBING & Delving into prehistory at the interactive leisure park - TRIASSIC PARK.


Triassic Park:

A lot has happend at the Triassic Park in the past week and we are happy to inform you that the park is almost fully open again.The only one who takes a little longer to defrost is our water dinosaur, and it is still out of order.

Hiking, Climbing & Biking:

The hiking paths are all open only the circular hiking trail and the area around the mountain peak is still snowy. (We recommend appropriate footwear!)

History is dry and boring?

Not in the Triassic Park at Steinplatte-Waidring! There, perhistoric fun for all ages awaits you at 1.700 meters above sea level – dinosaurs, corals, ammonites and the primordial sea right at the 3-Ländereck Tyrol-Salzburg-Bavaria. Ready for an exciting trip into the past?

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Summer highlights at the Steinplatte

Hop into the gondola and head back to prehistoric times: with dinosaurs, corals, ammonites and the primordial ocean – whatever the weather! The location of today’s popular Steinplatte skiing & hiking region was home to the Tethys primordial ocean 200 million years ago. The Triassic Park brings the Alpine geology to life like nowhere else – offering primeval fun for all the family with a Triassic Center, Triassic Beach, Triassic Trail, viewing platform, Fischer’s Coral Garden and the new dripstone cave. And there is no shortage of new-age fun such as hiking, climbing and biking too! So head off for the Steinplatte and enjoy an unforgettable time!



Whether you are a leisurely walker, a mountain enthusiast or a summiteer, the Steinplatte Alpine plateau offers something for every age group and has dreamy tours to suit every all levels...

Climbing/Via ferrata

Climbing/Via ferrata
Climbing/Via ferrata

Not only is the view unique, the sight of the Steinplatte is something very special. Some even say that they can make out a face embedded in the rocks...



The Steinplatte plateau is also considered as a great place for mountain bike enthusiasts. Those seeking to keep their legs in shape will be than satisfied here...

Unlimited possibilities

Dream location: three states, one ski resort!

The Steinplatte-Winklmoosalm is located in the „Dreiländereck“ Tyrol-Salzburg-Bayern and is easily accessible from both Austria and Germany: on the Austrian side from Waidring in Tirol a 15-man gondola brings you to the top – on the German side you can take the road from Seegatterl/Reit im Winkl to the top. Right smack in the middle of the mountains, located on a beautiful, sunny plateau.

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Get to the popular hiking paradise of the Steinplatte easily and uncomplicated via Reit im Winkl or Waidring.

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