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200 million years of fun.

History is dry and boring?

Not in the Triassic Park at Steinplatte-Waidring! There, perhistoric fun for all ages awaits you at 1.700 meters above sea level – dinosaurs, corals, ammonites and the primordial sea right at the 3-Ländereck Tyrol-Salzburg-Bavaria. Ready for an exciting trip into the past?

As a popular ski and hiking area between Salzburg, Tyrol and Bavaria, the Steinplatte entices nature lovers with its sporting delights. It is hard to believe that some 200 million years ago the primordial sea ruled here and prehistoric giants were roaming free. For those who want to dive into this forgotten time, the Triassic Park is just the thing. The interactive theme park brings history to life in a whole new way. Just jump into the time capsule, errr… we mean underwater gondola and step out into a long long long long forgotten alpine world. 200 million years of fun!

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Whether you are a leisurely walker, a mountain enthusiast or a summiteer, the Steinplatte Alpine plateau offers something for every age group and has dreamy tours to suit every all levels...

Climbing/Via ferrata route

Climbing/Via ferrata route
Climbing/Via ferrata route

Not only is the view unique, the sight of the Steinplatte is something very special. Some even say that they can make out a face embedded in the rocks...

Biking on Steinplatte

Biking on Steinplatte
Biking on Steinplatte

The Steinplatte plateau is considered a Mecca for mountain bike enthusiasts. Those seeking to keep their legs in shape will be than satisfied here...

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Unlimited possibilities

Back to present day

Not only prehistoric hunters have enjoyed Steinplatte-Waidring for the past 200 million years. Alpine explorer such as mountain enthusiasts, mountain bikers, hut connoisseurs and of course climbers and via ferrata fans have had their fair share of fun. With its diverse hiking trails, climbing routes, bike trails and the ubiquitous panorama, the mountain range standing at 1,869 meters guarantees present day enjoyment.

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Get to the popular hiking paradise of the Steinplatte easily and uncomplicated via Reit im Winkl or Waidring.

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