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Climbing - the most scenic via ferratas of the Steinplatte

Not just the views are exceptional, the sight of the Steinplatte is also impressive. Some even believe they can see a face in the rock, literally petrified by the beauty of nature. Come see for yourself: you'll pass it on the way to the Schustergangl via ferrata. Nothing for the faint-hearted, the most scenic via ferratas of the Steinplatte:

Schustergangl Klettersteig
Schustergangl Klettersteig
Nur mit Klettersteigausrüstung
Nur mit Klettersteigausrüstung


Only for the experienced: From the upper terminus, head down towards the valley across the Stallenalm to the Grünwaldalm and on to the Gamssteig trail: From there, climb like a chamois back to the starting point.


Take the Gamssteig trail or walk across the Grünwaldalm to get to the start of the Schustergangl via ferrata. The way to the top is only possible with via ferrata equipment.


Hiking along the Stallen- and Grünwaldalm will take you to the Kopfkrax junction - from there the path continues to the left on to the Wieslochsteig trail, which leads up to the peak of the Steinplatte. Sure footing is required here, too!

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Best hiking area between Tyrol and Bavaria.

The skiing and hiking area Steinplatte is in a composite with the Bavarian Winklmoosalm at Reit im Winkl. It is on route to the restaurant accessible from Waidring Steinplatte / Bergkapelle (Mautstraße), on the Winklmoosalm, as well as a cable car Waidring. The ski area covers all levels.

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