E-Charging Station

for all customers of ski resort Steinplatte-Waidring

New electric charging station directly at the parking area from the Steinplatte ski resort in Waidring.
The station is located directly beside the “Biatron” (huge white sphere at the entrance of the parking area) in front of the flags.
At the beginning of the charging process a special charging card is needed for authorisation. This card is available at the ticket counter by lodging a deposit and is free for all owners of a ski card from Steinplatte ski resort.
Our charging station is equipped with two type 2 11kW sockets and two Schuko 230V sockets. The electricity for this purpose is generated from 100 % renewable energy resources as all our lifts and snow making facilities. For this reason a green electricity certificate has been awarded to us.
This project was a collaboration with our partner greenergy solutions.
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+43 5353 5330-0

Best hiking area between Tyrol and Bavaria.

The skiing and hiking area Steinplatte is in a composite with the Bavarian Winklmoosalm at Reit im Winkl. It is on route to the restaurant accessible from Waidring Steinplatte / Bergkapelle (Mautstraße), on the Winklmoosalm, as well as a cable car Waidring. The ski area covers all levels.

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