Biking on the Steinplatte

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The plateau of the Steinplatte is considered a stronghold for all mountain bikers. Those seeking to keep their bikers' legs in shape will find the Steinplatte spot-on: because here nature has created a thrilling course demanding a great deal from cyclists. Those who find the route from all the way down too far can also put their bike on the gondola and start their tour from the upper terminus. Here are some tips on how to get into gear if you choose the latter...

Möseralm – Reit im Winkl (approx. 3 hrs.)

Start off across the Kammerköralm past the Möseralm. From there, follow the well constructed forest road towards Unken. At the Tanzanger junction, turn left until you reach the Winklmoosalm after about 2 km. From there the paved mountain road will take you to Reit in Winkl. Having arrived there, return to the lower terminus in Waidring via Erpfendorf. Distance: approx. 35 km Difference in altitude: approx. 1,000 m

Möseralm – Lofereralm (approx. 3 hrs.)

Not for unfit bikers! Via the lower terminus of the Bäreck lift it's up to the Schwarzenberg, and from there on to the Loferer Alm through ancient forests. This includes negotiating 3 km uphill. The 9 km on the paved road down to Lofer, in contrast, seem like a piece of cake. From Lofer, a bike trail leads to Waidring over the Strub mountain pass. Distance: approx. 22 km Difference in altitude: approx. 800 m

Winklmoosalm – Unken (approx. 5 hrs.)

From the upper terminus a well surfaced gravel road leads toward Möseralm. From there, follow the signs "Mountainbikeroute Heutal", which will take you downhill along the forest road for about 17 km all the way to Unken. From there a scenic bike trail along the Saalach river will take you on to Lofer and over the Strub mountain pass and finally back to Waidring. Distance: approx. 45 km Difference in altitude: approx. 1,100 m

Winklmoos – Waidring (approx. 3 hrs.)

Cycle past the lower reservoir until you reach the Mösern alpine inn. Continue across the Tanzanger all the way to Winklmoosalm. The way back leads along the forest road to the Schwarzloferlam and the parking lot by the Kammerkör 3-seat chair lift. From there on it's plain rolling along the paved mountain road all the way down to the lower terminus. Distance: approx. 19 km Difference in altitude: approx. 800 m

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Best hiking area between Tyrol and Bavaria.

The skiing and hiking area Steinplatte is in a composite with the Bavarian Winklmoosalm at Reit im Winkl. It is on route to the restaurant accessible from Waidring Steinplatte / Bergkapelle (Mautstraße), on the Winklmoosalm, as well as a cable car Waidring. The ski area covers all levels.

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