Actively experiencing the alpine world

Hiking, cycling, climbing on the Steinplatte

The fascinating view of the surrounding mountains alone makes it pay off: Looking forwards you'll see the majestic Wilder Kaiser and the craggy Loferer Steinberge, looking back you have the lush green countryside beckoning to go biking, hiking and marvelling. The fresh, clear mountain air rounds out the experience at no cost.


Whether you are a leisurely walker, a mountain enthusiast or a summiteer, the Steinplatte Alpine plateau offers something for every age-group and has dreamy tours to suit every ability level...

Biking on the Steinplatte

The Steinplatte plateau is a stronghold for all mountain bikers. The Steinplatte is spot-on for those who want to put their calves through their paces...

Climbing/Via ferrata route

It is not just the view from the Steinplatte which is unique, you just have to look at the Steinplatte. Some people even say that they can make out a face in the rocks...

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Best hiking area between Tyrol and Bavaria.

The skiing and hiking area Steinplatte is in a composite with the Bavarian Winklmoosalm at Reit im Winkl. It is on route to the restaurant accessible from Waidring Steinplatte / Bergkapelle (Mautstraße), on the Winklmoosalm, as well as a cable car Waidring. The ski area covers all levels.

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